Reggie miller dating

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In addition, during the Women’s Basketball Roster, she also performed Gardner’s role at (Read more)….

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He also has a daughter with Laura and the pair are living happily in the states.

On the other hand, his former wife Marita’s current affair is not disclosed.

The duo, however, could not last their marriage for more than a decade.

Last Updated on June 10th, 2019Laticia Rolle is an American model known for her lifestyle blog called which suggests tips on makeup, diet, fashion, and exercise.As of now, Reggie is the father of three children and enjoys spending time with them.The superstar who features alongside Ray Allen, Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, Chris Webber, and Shaquille O’Neal in the hall of fame is in a relationship.When celebrities recommend a product or treatment, their supporters start to catch (Read more)….Known for his legendary career, Halls Of Fame guard Reggie Miller (net worth- 90 million US dollars), a Five-time All-star player, who is arguably the best 3 pointer of all time, is currently employed at TNT as an NBA commentator.

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