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Because of these vast differences, educators should be aware of the many varieties types of cognitive and social disabilities and the ways they affect their students’ learning in order to effectively meet their academic, as well as their social needs.

This acquired communication disorder affects a child’s ability to process language.

Learning disorders affect children in a variety of ways and can affect mental, social and physical development.

An Australian para-triathlete will be competing soon in the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, and should be performing better than ever thanks to 3D printing technology.

Teachers can help students with aphasia in a number of ways.

International Aphasia Project Harold Goodglass Aphasia Research Center Aphasia Laboratory Dyscalculia is a disability that affects a child’s ability to understand math.

Those who are diagnosed with aphasia have difficulty speaking, understanding, reading and writing.

They can speak write simple and clear notes to convey messages, they can engage them in speech-sound activities and picture cards can be used to convey meaning.

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