Rick genest lady gaga dating

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It’s an artistic and visual crush, not a romantic one.

Nicola chose him to walk the 2011 A/W Mugler catwalk, his first collection as a creative director for Mugler. Nicola said he has had Rick Genest’s picture on his desktop forever, but he thought it was makeup.

His family and Karim believe that the zombie boy might have gone for a smoke to the emergency balcony which is usually locked.His tattoo artist saw the picture on his computer and told him that was Zombie Boy, and that he lived in Montreal.Nicola contacted Zombie Boy through Facebook and that’s where their love story began.THIERRY MUGLER HAS A WAY WITH LEGENDARY LIFESTYLE AND NICOLA IS JUST THAT: EPIC LIFESTYLE, FREAKDOM, GORGEOUS OR DIE, THE “FUCK” IN FUTURE POETRY, THE STREET IN HIGH-FASHION.NICOLA FORMICHETTI IS FASHION’S FREEDOM.” These are the words that Lady Gaga uses to describe her stylist Nicola Formichetti.

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