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"I don't feel guilty." Now aged 66, Christopher has retained his looks, although it is clear that the intervening years haven't always been kind to him.

We meet in the dimly lit environs of Nic's Restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Tate was eight months pregnant with Polanski's baby at the time, and yet her attackers paid little heed, stabbing her 16 times and murdering the four friends who were with her - Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Steven Parent and Voyteck Frykowski. It was a night of inexplicable horror and sent reverberations not only through the Hollywood community, but throughout the world.

The events have been endlessly discussed, even by Roman Polanski, who finds himself the subject of yet another biography - Polanski by Christopher Sandford - to be published next week.

We were on the patio, waiting for Sharon, when suddenly she appeared. "We sat next to each other and she was very nervous, almost like a deer, but she had this beautiful, perfect face.

She had this little scar on the left of her face against all this perfection, and when I reached over to touch it, I could feel her react.

"One night, we were out at dinner and there was an Italian girl there.

He has managed to cram an awful lot into his life, including a marriage to actress Susan Strasberg (daughter of acting coach, Lee Strasberg), countless lovers (including actresses Olivia Hussey and Susan George, "who came up to my apartment when I was staying in London and the next day moved her toothbrush in, so I had to say, no way!"Everyone says that Sharon didn't smoke pot, yet she was definitely looking for this bag, but couldn't find it so came back over to me, standing by the bed."One minute she was looking at me and the next thing I knew, she was pulling me on top of her on to the bed."), seven children and a couple of brushes with death.That he is still here to tell the tale is a testimony to his powers of survival.

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