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Banned From Equestria (Daily) is a point-and-click sex/clop game created by Pokehidden.The point-and-click aspects of the game are in a 2-D first-Person perspective; however, the cut-scenes and mini-games are in a third-person perspective.At this point, I'm probably sounding like a feminist.I'd hate to sound like Anita Sarkeesian, especially since I know this is only a game, and harping on this for allowing players to rape is like harping on Grand Theft Auto for allowing players to murder, but still, the fact that two of the six sex scenes involve consent is a bit troubling, which makes it all the more disturbing.The player clicks on the various items and ponies in order to interact with them.The player can also navigate around Equestria by clicking on the arrows along the sides of the screen.

There's a bonus scene which involves the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

I had already deleted my Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts more than a year ago, and I’ve since deleted everything else related to me, from my Imgur and Medium accounts to even my Fim Fiction account.

The only remnant of my former blogging career will be my deviant Art account here.

I have chosen to keep this of all accounts intact since it has been here where I have had the most exposure and made the most connections. Everything Comment on this journal with your suggestions and requests for art!

This is a fresh new journal for requests and suggestions.

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