Sammi sweetheart dating

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castmates was on the August 2017 road trip special.According to sources, Sammi will not be a part of the reunion series because she doesn’t want to be on the show with her ex-boyfriend, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro!Ronnie’s request for people to stop asking him about Sammi didn’t prevent many people from leaving comments about Sammi however.Many of the more than 2,300 comments expressed sadness that Ronnie and Sammi are truly no longer together.Their on-and-off relationship continued long after the reality show went off the air, after six seasons, in late 2012, fueling endless speculation over their relationship status.

Jersey Shore’s 2018 version will be called Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

She didn’t say if there was one incident that prompted the breakup but did mention that “something happened” and “some dramatics.”“I just want everybody to know that yes, I am more than okay. Something happened in the relationship that I was in and I left because of, I guess, some dramatics. Sammi clarified that it was she who left the relationship because it just got too crazy and tumultuous.

Sami also reiterated that she’s happier now as a single woman.“Everybody knows my relationship with Ron so we broke up, obviously in May, because things were not working out and I left.

Again, this doesn’t come as much of a shock as fans will remember the explosive relationship Sammi and Ronnie shared, and then their tumultuous breakup in 2014.’s Snooki also confirmed the news in a podcast in December 2017 and said, “Everyone’s asking why Sammi’s not doing it.

You have to ask her that—I’m not gonna speak for her.

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