Secret dating professional athletes

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You may not recognize his name with the Mighty Ducks because he was traded fairly quickly before he made a name for himself.

While they didn’t work out and have a beautiful happy ending, they’ve obviously moved on responsibly.

Amanda Vanderpool is a former Mighty Duck cheerleader – yes, the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, that of which the movie was based off of.

It wasn’t until she met Ladislav Smid on a road trip with the team that she dived into the world of dating a man in the sport.

Amanda is still a model, and now works in Los Angeles in local TV.

Ladislav on the other hand, is no longer an NHL player, but he does play hockey in his home country.

When an athlete reaches their peak performance, it’s no surprise that they want to match their skill with someone else who is at their top-tier – a professional cheerleader.

On this list, you’ll recover some of our findings as we dive deep into the world of athletic relationships and find out which gorgeous cheerleader is dating which top-tier athlete.

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While the pairings may be stereotypical, their stories are a bit more unique.However, the competition in pro athletics is still extremely stiff because so many people want to enter the field.It’s the cycle of life: the hottest cheerleader ends up hooking up with one of the top athletes on the team – hot or not.Professional individual sports include tennis, golf and boxing.If you want to be a professional athlete, you should attend college for two reasons: As public interest in sports grows and professional sports leagues expand, the number of athletes will probably increase.

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