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Check your indoor water using appliances and outside faucets for leaks.

Even a small leak can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Replace your clothes washer, the second largest water user in your home!

Energy Star rated washers can use 35-50% less water and 50% less energy per load.

Select the following link to view the City of Cloquet’s most recent Water Quality Report: As a society, we have become more and more environmentally conscious and better informed about the effects our lifestyles have on the world around us.

Yet the demand for our most valuable natural resource, drinking water, continues to grow.

The Spring Lake Reservoir is an open-bottom concrete ground reservoir, which receives the pumpage from Well 1, but the high service pumps located here deliver to the system substantially more water than it receives from Well 1.

The operation of the wells are continuously monitored and controlled by a computerized Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, which starts and stops well pumps based on the level of water in the 1 million gallon elevated water tower.

In addition, this control system monitors various real time operating parameters such as the elevated tank level, well pumping rates, total gallons pumped, hourly and daily water demand or usage.

Here are some ways you, as an individual, can help Water conservation is a form of protection that not only saves this precious commodity but at the same time saves us money.

Numerous water saving technologies have been developed to help conserve water.

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