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And I've still found people like this lurking almost everywhere in my life.At work, at the bars and clubs, at parties and social gatherings... thing to say to handle the situation - only an hour too late.I was making a lot of OTHER social mistakes, too, without even knowing it...This lack of social skill and ability was killing a BIG part of my social life.We are committed to providing you with a number of fun ways to meet new people in a safe and supportive environment while helping you learn some new ways to experience and enjoy your life. A long while back, I remember going to a singles party where everyone was really uptight and hard to talk to.You want an example of one that every guy can relate to?You're talking with a woman at a bar, and the conversation is going well.

Now that I'm older, I can see these situations for what they are, but I also realized this: NO ONE out there shows you how to spot these social games and avoid them in the first place... Think about it: And usually you figure it out after they've gamed you - after they got you to do what they wanted, or after you say what they want to hear, or you've given them what they want...

(Probably The skill of knowing how to handle your own internal games is something called "intra-personal skills," and it's something I will touch on again in a minute... This probably won't come as a surprise to you, but the discovery was this: Your level of: *Happiness* *Financial success* *Inner Fulfillment* *Quality of Life* and how attractive you are to the opposite sex is DIRECTLY related to WOW...

I was blown away when I discovered that, and it really changed the way I looked at the world.

And I didn't have a good opinion because of how I felt after talking with them or feeling like I was being "played." For a while there I got pretty angry about it, too.

Maybe you've felt similar to this from time to time, too.

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