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Should it be usb-fdd, usb-hdd, or usb-cdrom, or usb-zip in bios?

then i tried this https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Fl … Unetbootin to see if i could get freedos onto the drive incase it would somehow miraculously help(probably wont help any more than first attempt since i think the real problem is the system booting from the usb), so after the drive was formatted, i didnt mount the usb stick, i just ran and im getting this error message, is this a gui program?

That is, it is not just a Windows executable which would force you to either install Windows or use an unsupported method.

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All you need to do is burn it to a CD, boot it and proceed.

I wouldn't mess around with this stuff - it isn't the time to find experimental workarounds unless you have no choice.

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