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People write to me about their personal experience, and about their examples, and where they disagree, and their nuances. And to the extent you believe I didn't shrink the lines, which I didn't, I've proven to you that your eyes were deceiving you. If I cover the rest of the cube, you can see that they are identical.

And even being here — I mean, the last few days, I've known heights of obsessive behavior I never thought about. If I asked you what's longer, the vertical line on the table on the left, or the horizontal line on the table on the right, which one seems longer? But the nice thing about visual illusion is we can easily demonstrate mistakes. Now, the interesting thing about this is when I take the lines away, it's as if you haven't learned anything in the last minute. If you don't believe me, you can get the slide later and do some arts and crafts and see that they're identical. We have a huge part of our brain dedicated to vision — bigger than dedicated to anything else.

If you really want to do it, you have to do it." So I said, "Okay, if I have to do it —" I had a sabbatical.So I want to show you some cognitive illusions, or decision-making illusions, in the same way.And this is one of my favorite plots in social sciences. It basically shows the percentage of people who indicated they would be interested in donating their organs. You basically see two types of countries: countries on the right, that seem to be giving a lot; and countries on the left that seem to giving very little, or much less. Why do some countries give a lot and some countries give a little?And finally, depending on your particular version of European similarity, you can think about the U. and France as either similar culturally or not, but it turns out that with organ donation, they are very different.By the way, the Netherlands is an interesting story.

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