Submitchanges not updating speed dating website script

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First of all I would like to precise that I read all the related subjects about Submit Changes issues but couldn't find anything solving my problem...

I have several tables which are working perfectly fine using the same way (excepting composite primary keys) but this one doesn't, I just can't understand why.

NET as I'll want to pull the current username of the ASP. I can reference that just fine, but again I have no idea how to insert that as a default value in LINQ -- View image here: Especially for updates.

MSDN talks about how to handle NULL fields and provide them with a default value, but I basically need to just overwrite whatever is in Last Updated and Last Updated By with the current system datetime and the current user.

I can of course access that event, but I don't know what to do once I'm there... Linq Data Source Update Event Args) Handles lds Audit Criteria Details. Now End Sub However, I don't claim to fully understand that.

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NET username of the current user and obviously all the various values of the form)?I posted this question yesterday evening, which has led me to discover a huge problem! just to make it work is the following: So I think there must be something special in your domain that causes this.I have a decimal column in my database called Units, anytime I set the value of the column to a NON ZERO, and Submit Changes the column updates with the new value. Solution I figured out my problem with the help of the SO community. I suggest you to create a such simple repro with your domain model and see what happens.That seems like a bit of a PITA just to get a stupid datetime field updated with the current date...EDIT2: It mentions the username and Last Updated By issue here: doesn't elaborate on exactly how to deal with it other than to use the "Updating event" in the LINQ data source.

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