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Touch Wiz is what you see here, the icons have been made into squares (like the i Phone), there's now a Dock with frequently used apps with a grey background to distinguish it (like the i Phone), it has a black background (meh) but it uses white dots to note the page it's on (like the i Phone).

They went the extra mile to provide an i Phone-like experience for their Android devices. People here are failing to understand the difference between traditional patents that we usually hear about here, and design patents.

Also, it remains to be seen how much the judge will accept generic things like "rounded corner", since I don't think I've ever had a phone without rounded corners and how much in the end, he decides that the devices to ressemble or not each other.

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I hope it means that because they will be introducing new MB and MBP, they want to hold the refurbed's so that people won't get mad cuz they are going to cut the prices on the current stock of MB to make room for the new MB Core 2 Duos. My 2.5 year old 12" powerbook still works great, but I want to get an Intel mac, and I already have a Mac Mini, and a G5 i Mac, so my Powerbook will have to go soon. This is a federal pleading so the standard is whether it puts Samsung on notice.I get that it's the gateway app for Apple into Windows for their echo system, but the Windows version is worse than the Mac version. I really don't want to preorder if its not going to be there on the 24th.There has to be a way to clean it's gutters, but don't put anything more in there. Lee, I agree with you about what you say, but he clearly did say that this was only his opinion.The amount of sensationalism and Apple apologism here as usual, is kinda sad. Alternatively, I could see Lion gaining the ability to run i OS apps in some fashion, with the Apple TV interface being one option. It's a neglected feature with so much potential, and it would be nice to see Apple do something with it.Lemme get this straight, you're ashamed of people standing up for their right to privacy? I was hoping they'd port the Apple TV interface into it.

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