Techno dating website

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But there is a scope for these girls because According to Pew research Institute, 64% people come closer because they found shared interests. As per Pew research Institute, every need of yours can be fulfilled through online dating.

If you are searching for someone overseas there is, for someone you have met but weren’t able to make a move there is Happn, for someone you can have intimacy with there is Be Naughty and for some random cute face you can go for Tinder.

More than 3 million messages are exchanged on a day.

And if the present conditions exist, it’s predicted that by 2040, 70% of us will have met our Soulmates online.

This feature gave people the advantage of being straight forward with their potential partner but was misused by many to go for more than 30-40 right swipes a day.

We live with a clock, where everything is either a machine or is there because of a machine. Gone are the days when you could date only a girl of your class or place.

But the only thing that sets humans apart from the machines are his emotions. Techno-sexual Dating has made it possible to date all across the globe.

A feeling of belongingness, of positivity, of care, of respect. Mobile apps like Tinder and Bumble and Dating Sites like and are thriving having a turnover of Billions of US dollars.

Techno-sexual Dating means using the Internet or Advancing technologies in order to find someone who has the potential to be our Love and a perfect dating mate.

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