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According to state test scores, 22% of students are at least proficient in math and 22% in reading.

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On top of this, it’s also possible to purchase the wedding ceremony instance for 5 platinum, though with the Marriage Contract, players can choose to get married wherever they choose, including their own player housing or guild housing, giving the player’s an opportunity for creativity.

There are decorations available to invoke the matrimonial atmosphere, and of course dimensioneers can get creative here.

These days, it is not wholly uncommon to come across a large gathering of smartly dressed player characters come to witness the exchange of vows between a couple within an MMORPG.

For the longest time, players had to get creative for lack of a proper system using look-a-like armour sets, Priest classes to lead the ceremonies, the exchange of rings via item trading, they used their imagination and roleplay was generally involved.

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