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I think the right way to think about our modernization efforts, as we develop features for our consumers that we think will add value, but by their nature can't really be offered to all our users.

Once we've got the feature, we merchandise it in whatever way we think will maximize revenue.

Tinder will be testing these location features in a few weeks with a roll-out in 2018.

"We plan to begin to launch a series of location-based features, each of which builds on the prior one, over time learning the distinction between digital and real-life dating and dating and simply engaging in your social life," said Blatt.

In other words, whether a feature is an la carte or we put in plus or we create a new SKU we call Gold, or whether we put a feature in all categories, it's really a tactical decision.

Boost and Super Like, for instance, are available a la carte as part of Plus and as part of Gold.

But a 21-year-old female in Nashville can get Tinder Plus for .58 a month or Tinder Gold for .92 a month.

These multiple price points are not only geographically-driven but also driven by a number of components to discounting.

Overall, Tinder added 476,000 paying monthly customers in the third quarter to hit 2.6 million.

Blatt, who will be replaced as CEO by Mandy Ginsberg, said marketing, a variety of up sell opportunities, performance improvements and optimizing features led to the Tinder gains.

Blatt said Match is all about maximizing Tinder's revenue: We currently have three ways that we monetize our users at Tinder: Subscriptions, a la carte purchases and advertising.

Depuis le 1er janvier 2014, la durée de validité des cartes nationales d'identité (CNI) délivrées aux personnes majeures est passée de 10 à 15 ans.

Pour les cartes délivrées entre le 2 janvier 2004 et le 31 décembre 2013, la date d'expiration ne correspond donc pas à la date qui est inscrite sur la carte.

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