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THE TICKETS FOR THE JUNE 6 AND THE JULY 3 DATES ARE NOMINATIVE TICKETS YOU MAY BUY NO MORE THAN 6 TICKETS Tiziano Ferro is coming back to Italy with his new highly anticipated tour, TZN 2020.

Tiziano Ferro wil be touring in the most important Italian stadiums: MAY, 30 2020 LIGNANO STADIO G.

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With electrifying presence and the perfect mixture of power and melody, this EP breathes the essence of their very foundation.

Being their first release as a band, they promise you that this is only the beginning of, what will become, a very fruitful career.

They hope you join them for a ride through the dynamic extremes of what Rock still is: honest, evocative, and fearless.

After making sounds like a wet cat screeching for about six months, Ted found a Suzuki method teacher and started learning classical violin.

Whether or not you like the music, classical training provides a large array of techniques, a musician's toolbox - sort of - to apply to any kind of music.

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