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Earlier today I wrote this thread in response to a follower who asked me, “What is your actual position on transgender people?

” It looks like my reply has not been delivered to a single person besides the original inquirer, so I am reposting it here.

Outside a very small circle of friends, no one — including her colleagues — knew about her weekend habits. She spent an hour getting ready: straightening her already long hair and applying her makeup, donning a tight-fitting shirt and women’s boots.

When she arrived, her colleagues were shocked.“A lot of people came up and gave me a hug,” she says.

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For two years, she worked as a hotel concierge dressing as a man during the week, but donning women’s clothing on the weekend. She grew depressed, and decided in September 2013 to take four months off work to try living as a woman full time. As her January 2014 return to work loomed, she spent the month before in a cloud of anxiety, worried her colleagues wouldn’t understand, would ridicule her, or be violent against her. But she committed to her new life and decided to come out at the annual office party — her first day back at work.My beliefs include the following 6 elements: (1) Transsexualism and milder forms of gender dysphoria are types of mental disorder, which may leave the individual with average or even above-average functioning in unrelated areas of life. (5) There are two main types of gender dysphoria in males, one associated with homosexuality and one associated with autogynephilia.(4) Gender dysphoria is not a sexual orientation, but it is virtually always preceded or accompanied by an atypical sexual orientation – in males, either homosexuality (sexual arousal by members of one’s own biological sex) . Traditionally, the great bulk of female-to-male transsexuals has been homosexual in erotic object choice.“It’s taken us 10 years just to get through basic LGBTQ competency training for shelter staff in our city,” he says.“But we’re at the point where things are starting to change.” There are more prominent characters on TV, such as Maura Pfefferman (played by Jeffrey Tambor) on Amazon’s Celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox have also helped bring transgender voices into the spotlight.

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