Trouble updating windows media player 10 to 11

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As you can guess, Windows Media Player on Windows 10 will continue to offer this capability. Going forward, you may be unable to view information (metadata) such as the title, genre, and artist for songs, and the director, actors, cover art, and TV guide for movies in Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player.

After looking at customer feedback and usage data, Microsoft decided to discontinue this service.

Microsoft is currently working on a feature which would allow a user to postpone a Windows update for 35 days - enough time to make sure the update itself wasn’t faulty and would weaken your system, but there’s still more work that must be done to polish up the system.

Transitioning to Windows 10 from a previous version can also be the cause of problems.

This means that new metadata won't be updated on media players that are installed on your Windows device.

However, any information that's already been downloaded will still be available.

From stuck updates disrupting workflow to significantly less storage space, there are many bugs with some simple fixes for them too.

Some of the most common problems with Windows 10 are those that happen when first installing the upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.

These include seeing messages that the Get Windows 10 (or GWX) app saying that machines deemed by Microsoft as perfectly viable to receive the update aren't compatible, through to the app never appearing in the first place, and to stalled and failed downloads.

I mean, why add stress to the lives of existing Windows 7 users? You see, the company has decided to cripple both Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center on Windows 7, and Windows Media Center on 8.x.

Microsoft will stop supplying metadata for media through these much-used programs.

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