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You have to know all the tricks about twerking and twerking itself, you have got to be strong to some level, you have to have a big butt and you've got to be able to SHAKE and MOVE your BODY... Toby is the older stepbrother of Jenna and he's the boyfriend of Spencer. Emily and Toby go to a dance together.jenna is the one who is blind Toby is Spencers boyfriend. He was Spencer's boyfriend, a cop and at one point she was A.The cover video for the music video of She Got a Donk by Soulja Boy was one of the great hits by their group.

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Popular video-sharing channels such as Youtube amplified interest since the advent of digital social media platforms.This style of pelvic- and hip-isolated dancing is known as perreo or sandungueo associated with Reggaeton from Puerto Rico.Twerking can be said to be indirectly linked to African cultural dancing without any direct connections between people from Africa.Mizz had the birth name of Margret Willis and later gave the name as Mizz Twerksum for the world and her viewers too.She gave the last name as Twerksum from the recently hip hop and dance rising trend.

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