Updating charts in excel

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If the data in your Excel file has changed, you have the ability to update your chart in Power Point with a single click.We want a chart that shows the current month’s data along with the previous 11 months. (Note: if you want to follow along and create a new chart of your own, type your own range name in the textbox and substitute that name in the formulas below.Notice that the COUNT function gives us a total number of rows in our table, and we then specify how many rows we want to include in the [height] argument.When you need to create a Rolling chart that reflects data in a specific timeframe – such as the previous 12 months – you can quickly find yourself in a maintenance nightmare, updating your charts manually to include the new month’s data and exclude the now “out of date” data.The good news is that with the OFFSET function, you can create a dynamic rolling chart that refreshes your charts far more easily than adjusting cell references or deleting the old data.

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