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Then again, go read your software license; the software (Windows 10) is not really yours to begin with.

Yes, you paid for it; but it is not a purchase agreement, it is more like a rental agreement.

Yea sure, but keeping my Windows updated has never stopped malware from leaking in.

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I wonder, how long before Microsoft discontinue this feature? Can 2016 be set not to update outside of 'Active Hours'?As this is a server, I cant have the server restart for updates whenever it wants in any time period - update has to be planned and scheduled.If you want to apply new Group Policy settings without waiting for the next scheduled refresh, you can force an update by running the gpupdate command line tool locally.Windows Server 2012 Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) has a new feature that allows administrators to remotely force a Group Policy refresh on all computers in an Active Directory (AD) Organizational Unit (OU).

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