Updating kernal Reallifecam on mobile

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from Windows 7 to Windows 8 or downgrading from a current to an older version e.g. Other factors that could trigger this kind of error include Dust is the main culprit behind overheating of the of motherboard components.

Summing Up In a summary, the UNEXPECTED KERNEL MODE TRAP blue screen error is a major pain to Windows 8 & 10 users and one of the best ways to pinpoint the cause is to trace back to the last changes made to the system.

In addition, you should verify that all hardware components such as network cards, graphics card, and other PCI cards are compatible with your Windows 10 system.

If any incompatibilities occur, the components should be removed and swapped with compatible ones.

Open the haul and dust the motherboard components, starting with the CPU fan, memory modules, PCI slots and extend the dusting to other parts as well.

After thorough dusting, assemble all the parts and reconnect the devices to your PC.

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