Updating mp3 tags

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I did it to ensure changes I made to tags in i Tunes were reflected in Serato when I looked at the tracks there. ** WORKAROUND TO GET XBOX MUSIC TO UPDATE THE TAGS ** 1) Make all the desired changes using tag editor 2) Open files , move all your songs into a new folder (say "all").So my process of downloading and importing tracks to my Djing laptop goes abit like this. Move the the tracks that I want from the list onto my external for my mac. I ask because I remember i Tunes doing what you described a long time ago, but not in any of the more recent versions (several years, I think).

5) Close Xbox Music 6) Go to files once again and move back the songs too the actual location , delete "all" folder. It will be better if we are allowed to access all the music files stored either on phone memory or the memory card.If I update Tags, would I expect them to got to v2.3v2.4 - or whatever??As you can see - not sure I understand how Tag updates work. berniec, I didn't do this to update the versions as you are.It's for that reason I started tagging everything before adding to i Tunes. ^^^ For the Mac users, you should CTRL A to highlight your entire i Tunes library then right-click and choose Get Info (or do a Command i).Afterwards, put a check box in something non-necessary like the 'Composer' tag and put a space in it or perhaps your DJ name.

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