Updating rear end in 1937 chevy truck online dating durant iowa

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It has four-wheel disc brakes, front and rear torsion bars and a Mustang II steering.Lowell has added 1937 Chevy front fenders, a 1937 Buick hood and a 1940 Cadillac grille.on EC-843), caliper brackets and mounting hardware.

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updating rear end in 1937 chevy truck-88

Plus any others the Club members might start building.

Anyone know what axle would be the closest and have the right lug pattern?

I'm sure its been done before so any tips would be great!!! I used a '65 Chev half ton rear end in my 46, later 60s truck rear ends are wider.

How long has the master cylinder been in your classic Chevy?

If you're not sure, it's time to install a new one.

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