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For example, Cent OS 6.5 is built from the source packages of RHEL 6 update 5 (also known as RHEL version 6.5), which is a so-called "point release" of RHEL 6.

The packages released this way serve as close candidates for the inclusion into the next point release.

Minimal CD images contain a minimum of packages required for a functional installation, with no compromises in security or network usability.

These minimal images use the standard Cent OS installer with all of its regular features minus the selection of packages.

While Red Hat employs most of the Cent OS head developers, the Cent OS project itself relies on donations from users and organizational sponsors.

Cent OS version numbers for releases older than 7.0 have two parts, a major version and a minor version, which correspond to the major version and update set of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) used to build a particular Cent OS release.

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