Updating xbox360 nxe from c d

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For player bugs, be sure you are running the latest version of the firmware (see below).

updating xbox360 nxe from c d-27

updating xbox360 nxe from c d-68

In addition, a newer improved party system enables up to 8 players of different games or similar, if you so choose, to chat and interact.

The Party mode craved by Live users has been incorporated, tweaks long asked for have been made to the VGA/HDMI video outputs, but perhaps most surprisingly of all, Microsoft has allowed gamers to optionally install their games to hard disk. Eurogamer has never been a massive fan of the mandatory installations required on many Play Station 3 releases.

It has a fundamental impact on the 'plug and play' nature of console gaming, especially when you can be sitting about for up to 25 minutes waiting to play your brand new release.

With so many games streaming data from the DVD on the fly, do we actually see any improvements to gameplay as well as loading times? Video captures of both gameplay run-throughs allowed us to get frame-accurate loading times (rounded up to the nearest half-second) and the comparison of the selected footage could also be used to judge any differences in game performance.

As the vast majority of the userbase would be running NXE from the 20GB hard disk, that's what we did too.

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