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That’s exactly what happened when writer Veronica Belmont and Ryan Block called Comcast – a company notorious for bad customer service.

As you can hear from Block’s recording of the call, the customer service rep from Comcast was never going to let them go.

You can also sense Block’s frustration at not being able to simply disconnect his service, despite explaining he’s already signed up with another cable provider.

Even though it’s good to know why a customer decided to leave your service, the support rep from Comcast approached it the wrong way and caused bad press for the company.

You’ve probably already dealt with your fair share of customer service fails - I know I have.

and Paul is giving away his album a song at a time).That’s exactly what happened when Redditor got in touch with his bank to find out why his card was not working at the ATM.After going into the branch, you would expect the customer service rep to tell him exactly what happened and how to resolve it.Block has since noted that the approximate b market cap drop was almost immediately pushed back up after he posted that the email was forged.In July 2008 Block posted on Engadget that he would be stepping down as editor-in-chief to create a new company, leaving then Associate Editor Joshua Topolsky in charge.

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