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If you are willing to help me please email me @ [email protected] writing a simple message saying you want to join with your name and i'll give further details (experience is not required but preferred). This will be the first time the pair will star together in the same series, and of course questions from reporters about their past relationship couldn’t be avoided.Rainie and Alien dated for two years in high school and in the interview, Rainie revealed that Alien was on the receiving end of her first kiss, “Before I got on the bus, I suddenly gave him a kiss on the lips” she said.edited by tieu_yeu_nu where do you base the gui gui likes aaron yan theory on? it is known gui gui and aaron gets on really well and sometimes goes out together but nothing is said on who likes who. gui gui is known to get close to her co-stars, she was even rumoured with xiao gui who also acted in Pi… The cast of Meng gui fo tiao qiang - 1988 includes: Chuen Chan as Uncle Liang Deborah Dik as Mrs. gui gui is a member of hey has filmed 2 dramas with aaron yan. they are Wu chun,jiro wang, Calvin chen, AARON YAN. Chang Victor Hon as Ghost Father Clifton Ko as Chan Dai-Man Loletta Lee as Jane Bill Tung as Bill Chang Wai Wai Fan Wei Yee as Ho Manfred Wong as Bespectacled Exorcist Cheuk Yan Chan as Yan-Yan Simon Yip as Student Driver The cast of Tao yan gui - 1980 includes: Po Chang Chun Chieh Liu Chung Chien Shih Chin as (Guest star) Ching Feng Chiang Ching Hsien Mao Yen Hsiung Bi Hui Fu Kuo Sheng Ting Feng Shih Shu Tao Chien Tsao Sun Wang Sabrina Ho has: Performed in "Gwai ma hau yuen" in 1986. “It was as if I was dating a girl who was delusional about being a superstar!

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Li Qin Ai (Rainie Yang) is a 31-year-old magazine photographer who is happy with her career and her relationship with her boyfriend, Zhou Li Yang (Johnny Lu).

She has tried hard to forget her first love, Dai Hai An (Lan Cheng-lung), after they broke up 10 years ago.

Could this be Hai An's way of reconciling his past with Qin Ai, or could this strange situation make Qin Ai question the certainty of her future?

They were onscreen lovers in the 2008 Taiwanese drama Pi Li MIT, but I don't think they're actually dating in real life.

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