Who is hoops dating

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People tell me that I should lose weight, dye my hair another color, wear different clothing, and basically become someone I’m not. Here’s why I’m done with changing who I am to be dateable: First off, I don’t see guys doing the same for me.There is a serious double standard going on in dating these days.He didn’t caption the photo but this is the first time of him acknowledging their relationship.The dating game these days is absolutely brutal, and it’s only getting worse.As a single girl, I’ve heard all the “helpful” advice you could imagine from well-meaning people who want to see me actually happy in a relationship.

By changing, I’m admitting defeat, and that’s not going to happen.There’s always going to be another hoop to jump through.If you lose 10 pounds, people will suggest losing 20. I’m looking to be someone’s “till death do we part.” Changing would make me hate myself.I personally would feel like I’ve betrayed myself if I turned into something I’m not just to be in a relationship.

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