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Harry (Brett Tucker), Savi’s otherwise 21st-century husband, turns ragingly retro when a doctor tells the couple that their lack of reproductive success is attributable to him. Steinberg, Robert Sertner and Douglas Rae, executive producers.

Karen, an educated, intelligent woman, is made to sound like a naïve 20-year-old when talking about her lover’s death.“In the end he chose his wife: that’s who he wanted to be with in his last moments,” she says. WITH: Alyssa Milano (Savannah Davis), Yunjin Kim (Karen Kim), Rochelle Aytes (April Malloy), Jes Macallan (Josslyn Carver), Brett Tucker (Harry Davis), Jason George (Dominic Taylor) and Erik Stocklin (Sam Gray).

Linus,” focuses on everyone’s favorite former leader of the Others turned European history teacher, Ben Linus. ABC had us speak to Hiroyuki Sanada last week and then his character was killed. We see that with certain characters, they live a very different life in the flash sideways. After a pretty crazy episode like last week’s “Sundown,” do you ever find yourself on set asking, “Wasn’t this show about a plane crash at one point? Sun speaks with a more American accent than she did in the early seasons. I don’t think it was addressed in the script, I just thought it would be a little more interesting.

First of all, in flash sideways, Ben is very different from the Benjamin Linus that we’ve known. And I think Benjamin Linus has been asking for it for some time. I think out of all the characters — not to compare or anything — I think Sun’s developed more out of all the characters on the island. If she’s been speaking English on the island with all the other characters for so long, and after the Oceanic Six actually got to leave the island and come back after three years — I’m just trying to make the progress as far as Sun’s language ability.

To stitch it all together, the writers have a tendency to resort to stock devices that flatten rather than enrich the characters.

A grown woman can’t dress for a date without summoning all of her friends for advice.

Mistresses From left, Jes Macallan, Alyssa Milano, Yunjin Kim, and Rochelle Aytes, in this new drama about four longtime friends, on ABC, Monday nights at 10, Eastern and Pacific times; 9, Central time. Milano plays Savi, a lawyer who is trying to have a child with her husband, a chef. Kim is Karen, a psychiatrist who slept with a married, terminally ill patient and, now that he is dead, is finding that this is having unexpected consequences. Macallan is Josslyn, a real estate agent and Savi’s slutty sister. Aytes is April, a widow who has a 10-year-old daughter and is reluctant to start dating again.

The first two episodes give each character a complication or two, some more complicated than others.

because there were so many announcements and the siren going on.

The last time we saw Sun in the flash sideways, she was going through customs. Let’s assume it is Sun and not Jin, she would be the only woman on the list. Well, if Sun does become the candidate, I think she’s definitely representing [], being the only woman on the list. I think Sun will protect the island but share it at the same time, not keep other people away from the island. It will happen, but not quite the way I think the viewers would expect.

The customs agent called Sun by her maiden name, Paik. I think she’ll have a very different take on how she protects it and shares the island. Will why Sun didn’t time travel back to 1977 with everyone else on the plane be explained?

Anytime Ben would speak, Sun would hit him with something. I thought in the flash sideways he would be a little different.

This week Vulture spoke to Yunjin Kim, who plays the show’s Sun-Hwa Kwon (or, in the flash sideways, is it Sun-Hwa Paik? Kim discussed tonight’s episode and Sun’s love-hate relationship with Ben, and told us, yes, Sun will eventually reunite with Jin — but not how you might expect. On the island he does go through sort of a soul-searching moment … Well it was starting to almost become a Moe and Curly type relationship. We discussed this with Daniel Dae Kim a few weeks ago, but it was shocking to see the more passive Sun and arrogant Jin in the first episode this season. What we got in the beginning — kind of repeating the first season — I was kind of disappointed.

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