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More from Yourtango: Tell Us Why You're Extraordinary and Enter To Win 0!Twenty-three-year-old Sakshi Mishra’s bold and desperate step to go public about her fears of being harmed by her father, Rajesh Kumar Mishra (alias Pappu Bhartaul), a BJP MLA from Uttar Pradesh (UP), has probably saved her husband and her own life.In May 2018, Kevin P Joseph, 23, was killed within three days of his marriage to Neenu Chacko, 21, whose affluent family of Saint Thomas Christian community disapproved of the marriage.Earlier this week, 21-year-old Minakshi Chaurasia was allegedly killed by her father because she married a man, also a Chaurasia, but from the same village, which is considered a taboo.The allure of having sex with a coworker, especially your boss, has to do with gaining power. Many women dream about having a man obey their every wish, so why not unleash your inner dominatrix and try it out in the bedroom?You can do this by simply calling all the shots or by experimenting with whips, handcuffs, etc. Have Sex Outside Want the thrill of getting it on outside the bedroom without the risk of getting caught?You may surprise yourself—and get closer to your partner in the process. Boss and Employee Fantasy Fifty-six percent of women and 61 percent of men have sexual fantasies about getting it on with co-workers in their office.

In fact, the LELO Global Sex Survey discovered that having sex with a stranger is on the rise this year.

On June 20, a couple was killed in Pindwara, Rajasthan, allegedly by the woman’s uncle since he objected to her inter-caste marriage.

In September 2018, shockwaves were sent across the nation with the brutal killing of Pranay in front of his wife Amrutha who later publicly stated, “My father ordered my husband’s murder,” allegedly because he was a Dalit.

In January 2018, Meenakshi had eloped with her cousin Deepak, both of whom were stabbed by their relatives.

Though Meenakshi survived, her family said she should have died too as she smeared the family’s name in the colony.

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