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Not too long after his divorce was final, John Cena began dating WWE Star Nikki Bella.The couple made their relationship public when they starred on the reality show “Total Divas,” then the spinoff “Total Bellas.” On the show, marriage was a hot topic often brought up in discussion between Nikki and John.He made it clear that he had no interest in marrying again or having children, something that was a dream of Nikki’s.It looked like Nikki was never going to get her dream of being a wife or mother, yet slowly Cena changed his mind and proposed to her at “Wrestlemania 33.

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Booking decisions, pushing superstars, turning John Cena heel and making one of the daftest business decisions a company could ever make, you name it, it's been said in the IWC by someone who €œknows€ they are right. she's more than a piece of eye candy...€ etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.See also: BREAKING NEWS: The Passing Away Of Young Superstars…John Cena Laments HUGE LOSS See also: OFFICIAL NEWS: WWE Has Finally Released Another Superstar From The Company — See Official Statement Issued On Why He Was FIRED…Carmella’s love life As everyone knows, Carmella was in a relationship with Big Cass.The two met when they were in “NXT” and she served as valet for Cass and his tag partner Enzo Amore.

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