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Now I have to determine wether this is or isn’t a good place to approach you. It is also totally natural to feel anxious when you leave your comfort zone. A few of the “rules” you shared are important though.Now I have to decide what app, if there is one, is the best app. Sometimes you gotta push a little bit, sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's stressful, sometimes you'll feel more motivated than other times. Everyone is different and dating rules are entirely subjective and contextual. Feminism and the impact of technology in regards to isolation has made dating very hard and complicated. If something is unclear, literally just clear it up with direct communication.

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If you say “You will make me the happiest girl on the planet if you would plan a date for us in advance” and he refuses to deliver, then he doesn’t care about you, and he certainly doesn’t love you.A man who asks to meet your mom or best friend is doing so because he wants to get to know you better.He wants to get to know you better because he has either made up his mind about you or is very close to making up his mind and wants to reinforce his decision through positive interactions with your friends and family.When a guy is playing the field, he may have two to five women he’s speaking to at any given time.If he has that many women, it would be very difficult to speak to all of them every day.

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